Realtors / Developers

You have a property that needs to be brought to life. Don't be satisfied with the same flat pictures taken at ground level from in front of the property, just like everyone else.

Aerial photos and video are a much more affordable, impressive, dramatic and complete representation of any specific property. With low-level aerial photos, you can control the amount of property seen in the photograph. With the ability to adjust the height and distance away from the subject, you can start with a nice tight, oblique view of the property from a unique and interesting new viewpoint; or you can show the surrounding properties, streets, schools, and shopping centres.

Aerial photographs of acreages and rural land purchases will give your client a much better idea of the total property for sale, and the land surrounding it. The sale of multi-story projects, shopping centres, lakefront properties and cabins can all be better represented to your client through aerial imaging.

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Construction
  • Landscape
  • Developments

Benefits of RC Heli’s:

  • Quiet & Clean
  • Quick & Professional
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Affordable
  • Fully Insured
Residential community from up high