Film & Television

We understand the demands of broadcasters and filmmakers.

You need to get the shot quickly and reliably - every time.

Kicker Aerials help producers to get the intimate, low altitude aerials they need today. We help you cut the leash on the camera and provide the sweet spot between jib and full-sized helicopter. On set, our birds can act as mobile jibs, cranes and dollies - flying from 5 feet in the air along the ground to 500 feet above the set (all in a single take).

Kicker has a variety of remote controlled helicopter platforms, each equipped with:

  • gyro stabilization
  • optional camera mounts
  • and live video downlinks

Our gear allows filmmakers and producers to get a real time "thru the lens" downlink to body worn monitoring systems. This gives the director or DOP full time heads up camera coordination.

Cameras? Yes, we help you get the shots you need to awe-inspire the audience. We provide a variety of cameras to capture RAW 1080P HD as well as compressed H.264. If you would like us to shoot in a higher resolution (i.e. RED Scarlet-X or Epic) -- our pilot and technical team can accommodate (*ARRI cams are too heavy for our gear). Contact us for more information.

Kicker's services include pre-planning, insurance, permissions, all the necessary gear and a crew of two people with years of remote flying experience. All equipment fits in a case and is ready to shoot in minutes.

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