Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

It's more affordable than you think. But it depends on the location, the number of flights required and what you want. The least expensive service is simple aerial photos for say, a realtor (a flat fee in the hundreds of dollars range). The most expensive service is flying heavy film and TV cameras around (a day rate in the low thousands of dollars range). Contact us for a FREE quote today.

Can you fly in any and all weather conditions?

Just like traditional aircraft, we have to be careful about the weather. That said, a perfect day with crisp blue sky with no wind are rare indeed. We can't fly in the rain, snow or a super windy day. We can fly in light winds and still get incredibly stable footage and super high-res photos – thanks to our revolutionary stabilizers on-board. Temperature is also a concern. Our preference is to not fly below -5 degrees C.

How long can you fly at a time?

Depends on the weather conditions and the location... but in general only a few minutes at a time. Our gear is powered by advanced lithium batteries and we always carry enough with us to handle your shoot. We also bring along chargers that don't require a plug in – so spending a long day on location is no problem.

How high and at what speed can you fly?

We don't like to fly above 400 feet. This is for a few reasons; firstly, safety. And also, federal law requires we always have the bird in sight. Weather conditions will also dictate our maximum height. In our experience, 400 feet is often too high anyway (most of our aerial video and photo work is from under 100 feet). In terms of speed, it depends on the bird we are using and the camera gear. But we can reach up to 70 KM/H.

How does a typical shoot work?

Firstly, we need to know the location or locations. We prefer to get very detailed... even a precise Google Maps or Google Earth location is great so that we can plan accordingly. Once we are comfortable with the location(s), we then schedule the crew. Once on location, we can by flying in under 30 minutes. We are comfortable with you or your client tagging along but we are also good with handling everything on our own. It's your choice! Once we're done and everyone is happy with the video/images – we then return to our hangar / studio and piece everything together. We then can email you images, or upload them to a FTP or burn them to a DVD. If you require photo editing or video editing, we can handle that for you as well!

Do you supply the cameraperson?

Yes. The business of flying requires a full time set of eyes. The operation of the video camera / still camera is left to a second team member who is handpicked based on the nature of the shoot. Contact us for more information.

Will you travel to another part of the country / globe?

Yes. Our team has valid passports and paperwork to travel. Any and all travel costs will be expensed without mark-up. Contact us for more information.

You have a license to fly?

Yes. All flights are performed by our Transport Canada certified pilot and fall under our blanket SFOC.