About Kicker Aerials

We capture stunning cinema quality images, unmatched by full scale helicopters, camera cranes or booms.

About Our Team

Kicker Aerials is a premier close range aerial video and photography service that specializes in commercial, sports, entertainment, corporate and real estate services. Our team of Calgary-based certified pilots and award winning videographers and photographers shoot smooth, brilliant HD video and high resolution photos anywhere in the world. Contact us for a free no-hassle quote.

Safety Always First

We don't fly unless it's safe. Safety is our #1 priority. Checklists are performed and used before every flight to ensure a safe and successful shoot. Our flight teams are also fully insured and carry Transport Canada certification. We're also not hobbyists. We only fly our own custom built platforms specifically built for HD video and photography. So we know our equipment and we know the limitations. So you can have confidence in your next aerial project.

Why Choose Kicker Aerials?

Capturing stunning cinema quality images, our remote controlled cameras platforms are well known for getting complex and demanding footage that is unmatched by full scale helicopters, camera cranes or booms. We can be up and flying in minutes, not hours. And with remote camera control systems, you can see what the camera sees from the ground in real-time.